TurboTime is a famous user on Chromeworlds, mostly for his chat server and worlds.

His avatar.


  • Sometime February 2013, TurboTime revealed himself to be users ultimatevandal, Yesmancog and King Candy. TurboTime was also revealed to be a famous teen criminal in New York, and was sent to jail in 2012, explaining his hiatus. Users were shocked and surprised, and TurboTime's chat server now has the background of a grey brick wall with chains hooked onto it.
    • This shock surprised Chromebolt, and the site entered a one-week break, all because of TurboTime.
    • Ever since this event, people now claim TurboTime to be the "main antagonist" of Chromeworlds. Several users have made RPG style worlds featuring TurboTime as the main antagonist.
    • Later, the site was hacked by TurboTime, making the site un-playable. The new site is at

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