This would probably be IAmBagel's first YTP, if he knew how to make one....*sighs* maybe someday.....

Anyways, I'm just gonna write the "script" of the YTP here:


(Cuts to opening theme song)

(Theme song suddenly freezes, and en error message comes up saying "Sgt.Frog has stopped working. Restart?")

(Screen cuts to static)

(Screen goes to the part of the theme song where the Platoon are falling down to Earth. We pause at the last second so it looks like they seriously landed onto Earth.)

(Screen fades to black as a tombstone appears, saying "R.I.P: Keroro Platoon: A Galaxy Far Far Away-26312 22BCAD)

(Screen fades to black)

(We cut to the part of the theme song whre Giroro is shooting. The music is replacd with the Hvay Weapons Guy's dialouge from "Meet The Medic")

(We cut to the Hinata Household))


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