Ruff is the main antagonist of Cali.

Similarities with other villainsEdit

  • Judge Doom: They both have an evil factory, and are revealed as something later. Judge Doom being a toon and Ruff as the person who lit the fire/mechanical.
  • King Candy/Turbo: They both were lured into something to be killed/revealed. The diet cola beacon for King Candy/Turbo, and chocolate for Ruff.
  • Lord Zorgu: Both were of royalty, emperor of Zorguians for Lord Zorgu, and king of dogs for Ruff.
  • Mr. L: Both are nicknamed something, The Green Thunder for Mr. L, and The Beige Lightning for Ruff.
  • Bowser: Both have some sort of protection, a shell for Bowser and electric fur for Ruff.
  • ZXV: Both were revealed to be something near the climax of the film/game. ZXV as evil, and Ruff as mechanical.


  • That's right! I'm mechanical! I was once a part of Operation: Mechdogs, but apparently THAT failed... So I've been dumped in the garbage with no purpose, so after years and years of planning, I figured out my purpose... to kill you... YOU were the so-called best animals! YOU WERE ALWAYS FED, ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF! I used to just stare at you in that dumpster... Hoping that was ME OUT HERE! AND NOW I WILL GET MY REVENGE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, ANIMALS! SAY GOODBYE!
  • I am mad. I am just furious... You fail to bring me such things, TINY! NOW GO GET ME A DANISH!
  • Oh, look, a shooting star... I wish you would TURN BACK!
  • Tiny! Get me a danish!
  • Well, listen... Your a chip off the block, Tiny- A REAL... chip off the block... But you didn't get me that danish... So, go do as you're told...
  • YOU FOOL! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! (screams) NO! MY EMPIRE! I'M KING! NO! NO! NOOOOO! (final words)

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