Invisible PictureEdit

If you take any picture image that is over 1,939 pixels, the picture will be invisible. This can be useful for making easy invisible platforms.

Going Through PlatformsEdit

When creating a 2D world, go to the "Bounce" section of the default objects menu and get out a trampoline and five balloons. Attach the five balloons to the trampoline. Get out a grass block (from the "Blocks and Platforms" default menu), and place it below the trampoline. Then, get a picture block from the Blocks and Platforms default menu. Resize the picture block to 10 or 50 pixels, make it invisible (by Invisible Picture glitch), resize the picture block back to 10 or 50 pixels, and make it non-solid. Place it above the trampoline and click "Test Play" in the Toolbox. Then, play the game and bounce on the trampoline. You will go through the trampoline and through the grass block. Press the "R" button on your keyboard, and you will gain the ability of flying. You can now go through any platform you choose.

Hidden SpriteEdit

If you get the "Flashlight" tool from the toolbox, and look through a mountain, you can see a very faint 5 pixels picture of a television.

Coding Comes VisualEdit

Sometimes, very rarely, the code in Code Mode will become visible in Test Play.

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