Jobs are jobs you can give to your people in Pixel City.


Artist - It speaks to me.

Carpenter - I'm gonna wreck it.

Cashier - Remember, no employee wants to be a Squidward.

Citizen - Like that isn't original already.

Criminal - Hard-earned cash isn't earned at all.

Doctor - What's up, doc?

Forest Ranger - Watch out for that tree.

Hat Holder - You mean like a weenie? Okay!

Jobless - It's alphabet soup! I made it special!

Magician - Abra-kadabra.

Maid - Uniform?

Pilot - And here comes a giant fist.

Plumber - Your princess is in another castle.

Potter - This vase is so expensive but people buy it anyways.

Zookeeper - Gotta catch em all.

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