A combination of Jenga and Battleship. Homsar invented it.

How to PlayEdit

When you get a hit, you stack another Jenga block on your side's Jenga structure. If one of your ships falls off the board, you get to destroy the other side's Jenga structure. When your structure is destroyed, you say "You shanked my Jengaship!"

What Happens When People Play it.Edit

DAHHHAHAHHH, You shanked my Jengaship! ~ Homsar

I shanked YOUR Jengaship! But WERE playing CONNECT FOUR!!!! ~ Strong Sad

What are the rules again? ~ Chromebolt

(muffled) I don't know. (spits instructions out) ~ HomestarSB9



  • Homsar made this while he was playing Connect Four with Strong Sad, Strong Sad was ticked.

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