I remember how immature I was when I created this awful wiki. I'm surprised someone is actively editing here, categorizing the horrible mistakes of pages that I used to love making. I was ecstatic about making new pages, even though half of them were two or three sentences and another half was just random nonsense. I realize how much I pestered Bagel to edit with me here, always forcing him with a message saying "Let's go on Pagepedia.". I feel bad now. This wiki is a dump. I wish I could get back on Chromebolt and fix this horrible mess, but Chromebolt was deactivated. This wiki will remain garbage. It's just a reminder of how unfunny I was back then. Thank you for categorizing and at least making an attempt to keep the wiki in order.

Whoever you are.

I currently edit at the Creation Wiki (My own.) and the Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki (I've been there for 3 or 4 years.). I also visit the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki.

-TheChromePerson, formerly Chromebolt.

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