Clay sham  is a game made by Snail inc.


one day, in the world of clay sham, it was peaceful... FOR NOW! several monsters tore Clay sham apart. so a strange claymaking machine made a boulder to save it all!


you play as a clay boulder

smashing clay things

and getting clay.

that's it.

More gameplay data later.


Bread world

Nom Nom Narwhailz

Charred Potato world.

"That" mount.

Buoy base galaxy

Final Boss


Monsters thet stole your hot dog and ruined clay sham!

Wonder Bread (After being forgotten from hostess' bankruptcy, Wonder Bread took it too far in being remembered.

Nomwhail (A narwhail made of cake. that's it.)

Chartato (A potato left in an oven for mileniumns. it breaks out to get vengeance.)

"That" creature (Disgusting.)

Mitch the fork (A fork with sharp tips. it invades buoy base galaxy because it is jealous of its epic msic.)

??? (you'll never know.) 

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