Chromeworlds is an online game where you can make worlds, and let people play them.


The catalog is where you can buy things with Chromecoins.


Chromecoins are the main currency of the game, where you can buy new stuff at the catalog.


Chromechat is a feature where you can make your own chat server, join other chat servers, and chat with other users.

Chromestar RunnerEdit

Chromestar Runner is a feature where you can watch Homestar Runner cartoons and sbemails.

Avalible CartoonsEdit

Retro (2000)Edit


Retro (2001)Edit



Mods are things you can buy for your worlds.



  • The most popular chats are Chromebolt, TurboTime, taffyta10, Havesomecandy, Calvin, Homsar, Chromestar Runner and Yesmancog.
  • Yesmancog, an infamous user, makes copied places and trolls. He was listed as #1 on Chromebolt's Top 10 Most Annoying Users on Chromeworlds.
  • When users are kicked on chat, their name still shows on the user list for 5 minutes or more.
  • Users can play Homestar Talker on chat by saying (s) Homestar, run, run. (s).
  • On Shy Guy's user page, click on the "y" in "Shy" to go to the Shy Guy intro, and Shy Guy main page.
  • In the "DISCO" room, the music is the same as the music played, here .
  • The famous world "DUNK!" was purposely broken by Yesmancog when he kept clicking the target.

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