Chrome is a company that produces movies.


  • Cali - A cat who seeks to find her parents goes on an adventure to find them. (2005)
  • May I Take Your Order? - A cook who works at a fast-food restaurant meets his greatest fears. (2005)
  • Press Start - A young boy who plays video games day and night is sucked into the gaming world. (2006)
  • Cali 2 - A cat thrives to find a rare diamond treasure after losing her home. (2007)
  • Trains - A man who works at a train station is losing money, so he quits his job and wanders to find a new job. (2007)
  • We Are Made of Paper - A person named "Fold", who ironically cannot form into different forms like the rest of Papertown's citizens, goes on an adventure. (2009)
  • Internetz - The good memes inside the Internet must stop the evil meme leader called "Dark". (2013) (upcoming)
  • Kill Screen - A kill screen at a local arcade spreads to the real world. (2013)
  • Flipnote Studio - The world of Flipnote Studio is shown, and how the characters drawn come to life when the DS is shut. However, there is a rising threat: Antifrogs.

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