Cali is a movie produced and created by Chrome.


A cat named Cali goes to search for her parents who lost in a fire.

Ending PicturesEdit

During the credits, there are animated pictures about Cali's backstory.

  • Cali's parents and three other un-named cats are jumping up and down for food, and the mother gives them the food.
  • The cats eat the food, and play with a tennis ball.
  • One of the cats rams into a gasoline tank, which is struck by the cat's claws.
  • The gasoline spills out, and goes on fire by a nearby match thrown by Ruff.
  • The fire expands, and Cali runs.
  • Cali keeps running, and Ruff chases after her.
  • Ruff captures Cali, who then faints.
  • Cali wakes up far from home, and the screen fades to black.
  • The screen turns to white and shows scenes of the movie.
  • Cali and Dewey are crossing the Kitty River.
  • Cali and Dewey are going down a volcano.
  • Several more scenes are shown.
  • The screen fades to black as soon as Cali and Dewey set foot in the net Ruff set.
  • The screen shows Cali and Dewey inside a cage, with Ruff laughing evilly.
  • Cali sees a chocolate bar on the table and grabs it.
  • Cali reaches her hand out the cage and drops the chocolate near the dog.
  • Ruff smacks the chocolate away, accidentally into a cannon.
  • The cannon overloads because of the size of the chocolate, which then backfires into Ruff's mouth.
  • Ruff's fur sparks off and is revealed to be mechanical.
  • Ruff then pulls a lever, making the cage slowly drop down into acid.
  • Cali finally has enough courage to scratch the cage with her claws, which breaks. But the cage's floor breaks open.
  • Cali is about to fall in the acid pit, but Dewey saves her, accidentally knocking Ruff into the acid pit.
  • Then the screen fades to black, and the credits continue until 10 minutes.


Reviews were mixed, but mostly positive. It currently holds a 64% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. TBA


  • Cali - The main protagonist who is a grey cat.
  • Ruff - A dog, who is the main antagonist.
  • Dewey - A bird, who is Cali's "sidekick".
  • Tiny - Ruff's servant, who follows Cali everywhere and tells her to go back and fall in a pit.


  • Well, what do you think, stupid?" -Tiny
  • You don't need THEM, they mocked you, they thought you were un-important... So turn back and stop your little "journey" before you die!" -Ruff
  • Huh, you think you'er SOOO tough, don't ya, Ruff-man. WELL I'M GONNA DO...SOMETHING THAT WILL UH...uh...Wow, I didn't think this through"-Dewey
  • Holy Crudding Crud!" - Tiny
  • Tiny! Get me a danish." -Ruff
  • FIRE?! FIRE!! AHH!!"-Dewey
  • Welcome to my factory, Cali, Dewey. You see this? Lasers. You fell right into my trap. Laser chasing, classic. -Ruff
  • Chocolate? You can't defeat me with chocolate. So get that horrid stuff away from me. -Ruff


  • The entire movie was loosely based off Bolt, except for the fact that the plot is completely different.
  • The "Tiny! Get me a danish!" quote was a parody of the quote from Homestar Runner: "Stiny! Get me a danish!"
  • Cali is named after Chromebolt's cat, who died, and calico, a type of cat.
  • The ending pictures follow what happened in the movie, but with the addition of the fire incident.


  • The cannon exploded when the chocolate shot into Ruff's mouth, but the cannon is seen again when Ruff melts.

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