Blox-It Ralph is the ROBLOX version of Wreck-It Ralph.


Blox-It Ralph, the main antagonist of the popular place "Build-It Felix, Jr.", wasn't invited to the place's 30th anniversary. He sees TheGamer101 inside, and gets into a fit of rage. Ralph decides to barge in, but he gets in an argument with MGene92, the place's co-owner. Ralph smashes the aniversary cake and storms out. He then heads to Hero Blocks to win a Badge, so he can prove he's a good guy.

Ralph then meets a tough-as-nails lady named Calhoun584. She is in a battle between Cybloks, the enemies of the game. Ralph then asks where he can win a medal, and Calhoun says you can win a medal by going to the top of the tower.


  • Blox-It Ralph is slightly different then Wreck-It Ralph.

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