WARNING: Spoilers on Wreck-It Ralph!

Arcade Story is a fan-fiction made by Chromebolt.

Chapter 1Edit

Five months after the defeat of Turbo, another race was about to begin in Sugar Rush.

The players tossed their coins in.



The list went on and on until everybody had tossed their coins in.





Everybody drove off.

Vanellope saw a familiar face on the jumbo-tron, which quickly flickered to Minty Zaki and Candlehead, who were racing against each other.

Ralph was watching from the "Assorted Fans" section, smiling as he saw Vanellope race.

When the race was over (and Vanellope had won, as usual), the racers complemented each-other on the race, and Vanellope drove back to her palace.

The arcade was opening in five minutes. Ralph was going to Fix-It Felix, Jr.. A new gate appeared in Game Central Station, which means a new game was just plugged in. The sign said...


Chapter 2Edit

It couldn't be true. TurboTime has returned. Turbo and the two other NPCs were back. Turbo then stepped out of the gate. "You're probably wondering how this happened. I had re-spawned when the game was plugged back in... Turbo-tastic!"

He was acting like nothing ever happened.


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